Reblog: Nine Scientastic Podcasts

From fellow blogger, tweeter, and PhD student Alex Evans comes a neat roundup of some great science and science communication podcasts out there right now! There are a few I haven’t heard of or got round to listening to yet, so I’m definitely going to give them a listen soon! Check them out in his post below.

Bird Brained Science

The wonderful folks over at the Mendel’s Finches podcast recently invited me on to their show to talk about the bird flight research I’m currently engaged in for my PhD, as well as bio-inspired robotics and science communication. I really enjoyed the podcasting experience and it got me thinking about sharing some of the other great science podcasts that are out there. Here’s a list of some of my favourites, don’t hesitate to mention any others you enjoy in the comments!

1. Mendel’s Finches

As mentioned above, I was honoured to join the Mendel’s Finches team for an episode that spanned a lot of scientific topics! This podcast is hosted by postgraduate students Matt Ravenhall and Lawrence Yolland and features discussions with other postgraduate students about their work, as well as current trends and advancements in scientific research. Here is the most recent episode (as of 28th Feb 2016), featuring…

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