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MichelleReeve_spidersPhD 2

Hi! I’m Michelle, and welcome to my blog! I was born and bred on the east coast of Norfolk, UK, and now live in London after moving there to study for my undergraduate degree: BSc BioVeterinary Sciences at the Royal Veterinary College.

Now I’m doing a PhD at the RVC, in the Structure & Motion lab. My work looks at how spiders adapt their movement to leg loss, and aims to use these principles to help inspire the design of more efficient legged robots. I’ve always liked spiders, and now I get to play around with them and design spider-robots, which is pretty cool!

After my PhD I’m hoping to enter the ever-expanding and exciting world of science communication, be that writing, radio, television, or whatever opportunities come my way. As part of my PhD training I completed a three-month internship at The Royal Institution, helping to produce their prestigious CHRISTMAS LECTURES (2014) for BBC Four. I also currently write articles for the Journal of Experimental Biology in their Outside JEB section, reviewing biology literature from other journals for their readers. My first article is available online here.

Apart from being somewhat obsessed with spiders, I like running an awful lot. I’ve run a lot of 10Ks, a couple of half marathons, and want to do a full marathon someday if my legs will let me.

You can also find me on Twitter, LinkedIn,and Speakezee.



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I think it’s amazing how much humans create simply by observing other animals. Mechanisms of flight from the lovely birds. X-ray techniques from the eyes of a lobster. Echolocation devices from the bats. Now we are building spider robots. My goodness, we are living in the most interesting era. Neat blog and neat author. Keep up the good work!

    • I agree – I love how we can be inspired by the nature around us. Evolution has been working on animals to shape them for millions of years, so we can draw inspiration from that to create our own things for our own needs, which often aren’t that dissimilar to what animals need! Thanks for your positive comments 🙂

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