The Joy of Editing

As the date of my thesis submission draws ever nearer, I am beginning to do more writing. Ironically, not for my thesis (yet)…

During the last few months, I’ve actually been doing a lot more ‘extra-curricular’ writing. In August of last year, I entered and was lucky enough to be chosen as a runner up for a Naturejobs  Continue reading


Most specific gift ever?

I was given this tarantula stein yesterday as a present – possibly the most unique present ever. I love it! There are perks to being “spider-girl” sometimes! Had to share its magnificence with you all.


A little update for the start of 2015


Just wanted to write a post to say thanks to my followers who are continuing to follow me even though my posing has been, shall we say, irregular! I’ve had a mad few months on my internship at The Royal Institution, working on the CHRISTMAS LECTURES, so have found it difficult to find the time to write. Sorry about that!

I’ll be writing a full post on my experiences at the Ri when my internship comes to an end in a couple of weeks’ time. Then, I’ll be plunging straight back into PhD-land, and I aim to post more regularly on interesting spider and robotics stuff!

Thanks for hanging on in there and I promise I’ll write more soon. For now, you can watch the CHRISTMAS LECTURES on BBC iPlayer here. Enjoy!