I thought I’d add a page to share what books, websites and other useful things I’m using, in case you find any of them useful too! Enjoy.

Spider Information


  •  Biology of Spiders (Third Edition) by Rainer Foelix (on Amazon here) – great for general spider information, perfect for beginners
  • A Spider’s World: Senses & Behavior by Friedrich G. Barth (on Amazon here) – focuses mainly on one species of spider but talks about spiders in general too
  • Spiders of Britain and Northern Europe (Collins Field Guide) by Michael J. Roberts (on Amazon here) – brilliant for if you want to go out in the field and collect/identify spiders. Very detailed species descriptions and beautiful colour plates to help identification

Websites & societies

  • British Arachnological Society – this society is cheap to join and gives you the opportunity to communicate with a very friendly and helpful community of spider-lovers. They can even appoint you a ‘spider mentor’ in your area to answer any of your queries directly.



  • The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jnr. & E. B. White (on Amazon UK here) – a classic book for lots of little tips
  • The Art of Scientific Storytelling by Rafael E. Luna (on Amazon UK here)

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